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Dietary Advice

Dietary Advice

To maintain healthy teeth and a perfect smile, it is vital to eat a healthy balanced diet.

This is due the sugars contained within food and drinks, reacting with the plaque on the surface of the tooth, and producing acid. Together with any acid already in the food and drink, the acid attacks the enamel and over time, can cause tooth decay.

Foods To Avoid
The foods to avoid, are those which are highly acidic or contain sugar. Sugar comes in many forms and will have names such as Fructose, Galactose, Glucose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose. Any food that has Carbohydrate content listed on the label will most likely include sugars.

Teeth Friendly Foods
Savoury foods which are low in sugar and more alkaline than acidic are better for your teeth and oral hygiene. So, opting for vegetables instead of fruit and savoury snacks such as meat, cheese and nuts.

Drinks can also be high in sugar content and/or acidic so, it is better to drink water and milk (which are more alkaline) than acidic juices and wines.

How Often Should You Snack
In addition to what you eat and drink, the frequency in which eat and drink should also be considered. It goes without saying that, the more you eat and drink, the more your teeth are under attack from acid. That’s why we recommended you eat 3 meals a day instead of continually snacking.